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Adopting A Cute Cat Or Adorable Kitten

There is not that much difference between adopting a cat and adopting a dog, however, there are a few differences in their behavior that you will need to consider before adopting a cat or kitten.

Cats are pretty independent and can even live on their own if you have a self-feeder and watering bowls, however they do need human interaction and love or they will become feral cats which means wild, even if they are indoor cats and you don't want a wild animal living in your home.

There are many different breeds of cats and kittens and all have about the same temperament. Siamese cats are very aloof and do not like to be bothered by humans unless they initiate the contact. Although those people who are not 'cat people' would argue that all cats are aloof and do not like human contact. This is a common misunderstanding among people who do not like or have cats of their own. Cats are very independent creatures but do crave love and affection, they just don't jump around as much about it as dogs do!

They will come to you when you are reading or watching television and sit next to you or rub up against you until you pet them. This is their way of telling you they need some attention and want you to pet them. Sometimes they will 'knead' or 'make biscuits' on your leg or stomach as if they are kneading dough, this is a sign they are comfortable with you and are looking for a soft spot to lay down.

Tortoise Shell colored cats, often mistaken for a darker calico cat, are very talkative and will hold a 'conversation' with you when you ask them something or talk to them and wait for their reply. And the Tortoise Shell colored cats are always females a phenomenon of nature.

When adopting a kitten from a shelter, you must think about what your life style is like and where the kitten will fit into it. If you are hardly ever home, will there be plenty of stimulus for the cats curiosity ' without the cat getting hurt? What about declawing the cat?

Are you for or against this procedure? If the cat is going to stay indoors all its life and you don't want it shredding your curtains and other things such as your arms or face when you play with it, consider declawing only the front paws. There are many pros and cons to the declawing debate and neither side is right or wrong, however both sides can provide a passionate argument for their cause.

Probably one of the worst parts about having a cat is the littler box and having to clean it out every day, unless you have your cat go outside to do his or her business. Yet having an outdoor cat comes with its own set of problems such as traffic, predators such as dogs and other animals who like to chase and feast on defenseless cats. And there is always the customary gift of having your cat bring in field mice they catch and want to give it to you to show you how much they love you.


Understanding Cats Behavior - Part 2

The dominance of male cats is decided by the following; the bigger, stronger and younger cat wins his place in the hierarchy. He does not always have to fight to work his way up the ladder, because older or weaker cats may submit peacefully; nor does any one cat have to fight every other cat in a group where the hierarchy has been well established.

As he matures, a strong young cat may become dominant to one who was dominant to him previously, therefore working his way up the ladder. At the same time, an aging cat will likewise work his way down. In any group of feral cats, the most dominant will be a male. Dominance in wild-living female cats is usually, though not always, linked to the number of litters she has produced; the more litters, the higher she stands in the hierarchy.

In the average group of house-cats, the balance of power may well be different. Sometimes neutering can alter the hierarchy, or in any household the most dominant cat may be a neutered male or female. Where there is a mixture of neutered and entire cats, the most dominant may still be the neuter cat; it may be the one which has lived there the longest, or perhaps a more assertive young cat.

Cats can make over a hundred different sounds, from the pleasant purr, to a wide variety of miaows, to the fierce growl. They create a range of sounds by passing air over their vocal chords, varying the extent to which the mouth is open, and altering the muscle tension in the throat and lips.

Every owner will be able to distinguish between, and to understand, various miaows, which will be indistinguishable to another person. House-cats converse much more than feral cats because they have discovered that language is important to us. For instance, most of us talk to our cats as we prepare their food, telling them not to be impatient or greedy; if we open a door to let them into the house, we say hi, or when we complain about their wet feet on the carpet.

In this way, cats associate language with action, and will then train us to understand their language. A cat will miaow in a certain way and run to the door, which obviously means 'let me out'. When we go into the kitchen, a cat will give a quite different miaow sound which means 'I am hungry'. The owner is not the only one who can understand; if there are other cats in the home which hears the 'I am hungry' meow, they will rush to the kitchen also in the hope of being fed. Their own 'I am hungry' meow may sound quite different to the one they have responded to, but they understand it nevertheless, just as we do. We soon learn to distinguish between the different calls if we listen and watch our feline teachers.


Why Cats Make Such Good Pets

Cats are very good pets as they don't require as much attention as other options such as a dog. You don't have to walk the cat and you don't have to deal with it barking at everything that happens to walk by your home. Young cats are extremely playful and you can interact with them when you want to. However, most cats are content to play with toys or to be independent.

This doesn't mean that cats aren't excellent companions though. They can be silly at times and they often enjoy curling up on your lap and purring. Your cat won't come running when you are home at the end of day and knock you over. They also don't lick or bite so you won't have to worry about how they will interact with others when you have company. Cats always seem to be able to tell when you need some comfort.

Taking care of a pet can help a child to become more responsible but some pets just come with too much time required. A cat makes a perfect choice for children because they tend to take care of themselves. As long as they are given sufficient food and water they will remain happy. Indoor cats will have to be trained to use a litter box but most of them learn very quickly so you won't have to deal with cleaning up such messes around your home. However, you need to clean the litter box regularly because cats do not like to use a dirty litter box.

Cats are clean animals as they spend a large amount of time grooming themselves each day. In the majority of cases, cats lead a very happy and long life without too many problems. They don't cost very much because cat food and litter are very cheap. They don't require as many vet visits for routine shots either like dogs do which can become quite expensive.

For those that have problems with mice, cats make a great natural system for taking care of them. This means you won't have to deal with messy traps or dangerous poisons around your home. Many cat owners claim they haven't come across a mouse in their home for years with this line of defense.

Cats are very precious and beautiful animals as well. They have a gentle hum to them that can be relaxing for humans. They have coats in all colors as well as eyes that are very shiny and bright. Each cat has their own personality and you just can't help but adore them. There are many breeds of cats if you want a particular kind but some of the most beautiful cats are those that are mixed breeds.

Cats are very smart animals too so they will quickly catch up to what you like from them and what you don't based on the praise you give them. Contrary to popular belief, cats are obedient and they want their owner's to be happy with them. They will learn fast that you don't like them scratching on the furniture or putting their tail in your face while you are sleeping.


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